Brüder Grimm Denkmal, Hanau
Dorothea Viehmann, Baunatal, Knallhütte

Considering that there are several jubilees, the title "Grimm 2013" covers an extensive cultural event program on the life and works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm as well as their "painter brother" Ludwig Emil. The main focus of the program lies in 2013, although the official start is already in 2012.

There will be a concentration of activities in the name and in honour of the Brothers Grimm, who not only collected fairy tales, but also vouchsafed German vocabulary and moreover courageously fought for democracy. The Hessian Grimm towns Hanau, Steinau an der Strasse, Marburg, and Kassel, as well as the State of Hessen, the five North Hessian administrative districts, the Regional Management North Hessen, the German Fairy Tale Route and the Kultursommer Nordhessen e.V. (Cultural Summer North Hessen) have developed and organised a considerable event cycle.

The occasion is marked by several simultaneous jubilees. In 2012 we will be celebrating "200 years of Children's and Household Tales", since the first edition in which the Brothers Grimm collected 86 native fairy tales appeared on December 20, 1812, including classics such as "The Frog Prince", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White". It would take a few years until the original stories were "transformed" according to the ideal perceptions of the brothers, and the collection was completed and edited by Wilhelm Grimm and could start its triumphal march around the globe. But especially the "magic of the beginning" is worth commemoration.

And one commemorative year likewise seamlessly passes on to the next: April 4, 2013 is the anniversary of the death of the "painter brother" Ludwig Emil Grimm, on September 20 of the same year is the 150th anniversary of the death of Jacob Grimm.

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