State Exhibition of Hesse 2013

The highlight of the GRIMM2013 celebrations will be the State Exhibition of Hesse, EXPEDITION GRIMM, which will be open to the public in the documenta-Halle in Kassel from 27 April to 08 September 2013. This large exhibition is devoted to the far-reaching impact and captivating lives of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The names of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are known all over the world – mainly due to their children’s and household fairy tales, which have been translated into approximately 160 languages. But the brothers Grimm were not just collectors of fairy tales. They also left a substantial legacy as language researchers, law historians and politicians, and their German Grammar and German Dictionary laid the foundations for German language studies.

EXPEDITION GRIMM displays valuable manuscripts and personal mementos of the brothers in three cabinets and sets them in the context of the changing political circumstances. Works by their equally successful brother, the painter Ludwig Emil Grimm, document the personal circumstances of the whole family.

This leads on to the high point of the exhibition, a spectacular indoor journey covering an area of 800 square metres. Starting with the main works, the exhibition invites visitors to take part in an expedition from the past into the present day. Interactive exhibits provide a novel, hands-on way of experiencing the multi-faceted impact of the brothers Grimm. Which fairy tales fell foul of the brothers’ self-imposed censorship due to their brutal or improper content? Why is the English term “Grimm’s Law” used for an important insight into German grammar? And how would the brothers have made use of the social networks of the 21st century?

These and other questions are what the EXPEDITION GRIMM sets itself to answer. The exhibition is designed to stimulate visitors to look and listen, to try things out, to experience and understand.

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